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Dive in the spectacular transparent waters,and feel the calmness.

There are a lot of diving spots to which you cannot go by boat in the Islands of Maui. There are about 20 beach diving spots ranging from Honolua Bay, on the north, to the Makena district, on the south.
There are many white sandy points at our main diving points in the Kaanapali area, where the sun reflects beautifully, enabling amazing pictures to be taken.

Sea turtles live only on the coast line, so they can easily be seen during the beach dive.
Because sea turtles are protected in Hawaii, some may not fear humans and may come very close to you.

Lunch is provided for those participating in our 2 tank beach dive.
Don’t forget to bring your log book if you have one, because we will have time for that too!
Beach diving is recommended for those who haven’t dived in a while, and for those who don’t like boat diving for fear of getting sea sick.

Pickups on Diving Spots

Black Rock

“Black Rock”
It is located in the middle of the Kaanapali Resort, and is the most popular among the Maui diving spots.
It is also our main diving spot.
The average visibility is about 80ft.
This visibility is great for a beach dive!
A nearly vertical cliff follows into the water, and the contrast of light and shadow formed by the sun shining diagonally is mesmerizing.
You can not only encounter green turtles, but may also encounter eagle rays sometimes.

Mala Ramp

"Mala Ramp"
It had been used as a pier, until a few decades ago.
It collapsed due to the Hurricane "Iniki".
The broken pier is still sunken in the water, and fishing banks have formed throughout the years.
It is inhabited by many green turtles, and even the figure of Whitetip reef sharks can occasionally be seen under the rubble. Corals have even attached to the iron bars, creating a unique underwater world.
There are also swarms of yellow goatfish, and it is a spectacular diving point.

Old Airport Beach

"Old Airport Beach"
A diving spot north of Kaanapali Beach.
The coral has remained beautifully, and there are a lot of fish in the shallow water.
It is an easy diving spot; recommended to beginners and divers who haven’t dived in a while.
In the winter time, you can even hear the singing of humpback whales♪

Video of humpback whales singing

Tour Content

After picking customers up at their respective hotels, we will move directly to the diving point.
Upon arrival, you will receive a briefing by our guide (about 10 minutes), and then our guide will bring you to our underwater tour (about 50 minutes).
We will choose the best diving spot based on the weather and the conditions of the sea.
After diving in the Kaanapali district or the Lahaina district, we will take a lunch break and you will have time to work on your log.
Our estimated return time to the hotel will be around 1PM to 2PM.
This time may vary depending on the condition of the sea and the pick up / drop off location.

Time Required About 6 hours: from 8AM to 2PM
Travel time may vary depending on where your hotel is located.
What to Bring Swimsuits, beach towels, underwater camera (If you have one)
1 person
1 tank $125
2 tanks $225
※Guide fee, Equipments, drink and Tax are included.
※We provide plate lunch for 2 Tank Beach Dive.
※You can arrange to Private course only add $100.
 We could take from 1 pax for Private course.
Other Details

From 2 pax.

Pick-up Schedule

Accommodation area Pick-up Drop-off
Kapalua district 8:10am 14:30pm
Kahana district 8:15am 14:15pm
Kaanapali district 8:30am 14:00pm
Lahaina district 8:40am 14:00pm
※1Makena district 7:30am 15:00pm
※1Wailea district 7:40am 14:45pm
※1Kihei district 7:50am 14:30pm
※1Kahului district 7:45am 14:30pm

※1If pick-up is requested from these areas, an additional $40 (including tax)per person will be charged as transportation costs.

Please Note
We do not offer pick-up/ drop-off services for districts other than the above.
Pick up time may change, so please confirm with us before 5PM on the day before.
Announcements and Important Matters
  • Due to pressure, you cannot go anywhere above 600m altitude or more, within the 18 hours after diving.
    Please be cautious of the Haleakala volcano tour (elevation of about 3000m), the helicopter tours and etc…
  • Please refrain from participation under the influence of alcohol.
  • Please store valuables in your hotel. We are not responsible for such cases of theft or loss.
  • Tours are not held on New Year's Day (January 1), Independence Day (July 4), nor Christmas (December 25).
Beach Diving